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Opiniowiki is a wiki of opinions. If you are familiar with the way Wikipedia works, then you'll feel right at home!

There are some differences though. All articles on Opiniowiki are reviews. That means they are based on opinions rather than cold facts. Everything on Opiniowiki is also written in a first-person point of view.

To keep it short, the reviews on Opiniowiki are group reviews. That means they are a compilation of many ideas and opinions from a lot of people.


See those color bars? That's a voting system. The colors represents the overall opinion you have on the subject the review is about.

You can start using Opiniowiki by searching for a subject and either sharing your opinion or finding out what people think of it. You should also create an account.

Read more about why Opiniowiki was created and more about the functionality of the website here.