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Opiniowiki is an encyclopedia for opinions and is, like Wikipedia, based on a model of openly editable content.


The internet is filled with encyclopedias and information. Many of these sources are based on a model of user contribution, a model that has proven to be very effective.

However, information and facts are not the same thing as personal thoughts and opinions. Although there is an abundance of websites where one is free to express personal opinions about any matter, there has yet to be an effective model where users can collaboratively create an encyclopedia of opinions, where a voluntary association of individuals could work to develop a common resource of a group opinion.


Opiniowiki is an open-content collaborative encyclopedia - a wiki of opinions.

Opiniowiki consists of many reviews, these reviews are a composition of multiple opinions from different people. In order to avoid confusing and sporadic opinions in one review, users have to comply the "compilation rule"; one of the most important rules to follow.

The "compilation rule" is the key to creating a group opinion. Instead of erasing an opinion the user don't agree with, that user would shape the opinion a bit to fit the user's own perspective of the matter.

Users are highly encouraged to present some kind of reference for their opinion. This may for instance be proof of experience or any outside source. Thus, contributions do not have to be personal; most kinds of documented opinions are welcome.

Reviews on Opiniowiki are written in a first-person narrative. This is because of the honest environment it creates and also because it becomes easier for users to write about opinions when using a personal form of writing.

The color bar acts as a dynamic voting system. Users can click on the color that matches their overall opinion about the matter in question. Red is negative, blue is neutral and green is positive. This way, readers can quickly see what the overall opinion is without having to read the review first.

To learn more about Opiniowiki's rules, visit the Terms and conditions page.


Opiniowiki is a wiki for reviews. It is a way to get an opinion of any subject quicker than you would get by researching and reading endless comments from different sources.

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