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''What would you do if?'' is an online role playing/party game. The player is presented with a user-submitted scenario and three choices. After choosing the outcome of the scenario the player can see the most common choices by other players.
[[File:Whatwouldyoudoif example 1.png|thumb|762x762px500x500px|The desktop version of the game.]]
Because this basically is a text-only game, my enjoyment is mostly dependent on the quality of the scenarios, the design is not as important but it is nice to have something pretty to rest your eyes on while contemplating over the questions.
== Entertaining? ==
For about 3 minutes or so, if you are playing alone. I've played this with a group of people and ''it's a great conversation starter'', that is, when you find a good scenario to talk about. ''This is not fun at parties though'', I prefer games like truth or dare.
== Quality ==
=== Design ===
The design is... different. Don't get me wrong, I like it, I really like it. But a circle? Sometimes I feel like it could take more advantage of the screen width. The colors are nice, and the fonts fit to the overall feel. I get a sense of wholeness and serenity. ''Personally, I like the mobile design more.''
[[File:Whatwouldyoudoif example 2.png|left|thumb|The mobile version of the game.]]
=== Content ===
About 70% of the questions are worth to think hard about, the rest are either cheap or uninteresting. Apparently the questions are updated and new content is regularly posted so hopefully the crap scenarios are going to get sifted out.
== Verdict ==
It's not a unique concept, it reminds me of "Would you rather" and "Will you press the button?". But it's still a fresh and welcomed extension of the genre. ''I like it and it's a good time-killer. I just wish the content would be consistently good.''