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China is a very interesting country from a historical point of view. It's even one of the first civilizations in the world! Its ancient dynasties created a lot of inventions that has shaped the entire world.


China is the most populated country in the world, it's too bad it's also one of the most evil, controlling and oppressive. The pinnacle of modern day freedom is the internet and guess what? It's heavily regulated and almost banned in china. Social media is pretty bad but when the government outright bans it, i get pretty pissed. I hope you know how to use a VPN because you're gonna have to if you visit china anytime soon.


China is not a democracy, not at all. It's weird that the most populated country in the world doesn't use all of its people to lead it. China is basically a dictatorship, a few people trying to control 1.3 billion inhabitants. And to become a dictator you don't actually have to be liked by people, you just have to be a psychopath. Sounds great right? 1.3 billion oppressed people led by a few psychopaths in what has become the most influential country in the world.

You might think China is overall developed and modern. They have Huawei, electric cars and AI. But most of china is no better than Zimbabwe or Uganda. 60 million people live in poverty.


China is heavily polluted, the cities are filled with smog and the soil pollution has increased since the 1980s. 300,000 people die each year just because of air pollution. And because china is bascially a dictatorship where the people have no choice but to live in it, the global influence of china makes it even scarier.


China might just be the worst country in the world. I mean, North Korea is probably even worse but because China is such a superpower and has the highest population in the world, its abuse of human rights and neglect makes that very influence truly scary and horrible.

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